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In late 2010, Christian music artist, Nick Fulopp completed work on the pro-life song "Choose Love". 

We are at a critical time in our Nation’s history.  Our freedoms are under attack like never before.  Our founding fathers believed “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” were our most fundamental rights; life being the first and necessarily essential for all the rest.  In order for us to save our country and restore the vision of a free America, the right to life must be returned to a place of first priority or else all other efforts will fail. 

It’s time for the ordinary American to take a stand; speak out; mobilize.  To paraphrase Edmund Burke, for evil to continue its advance its’ only necessary for good people to stand still and do nothing to stop it.

My personal inspiration to write an anthem to rally people around the pro-life cause came by prayer and by the urging of the Holy Spirit.  I wanted to rouse myself and others to actually take action against the great evil of abortion.  In the battle between life and death there are now two camps: pro-choice (pro death) and pro-life (anti-death).  The people who believe murder is a choice believe in death in this life, and have no hope for a life after this one.  They oppose the concept of eternal life and a God who will hold them accountable for their evil deeds.  The people who are pro-life believe in life in this world and in the next.  For a people to maintain a belief in life in a world permeated by death we ultimately need to choose to love.  Love fills us with hope rather than despair.  Without love, people give up on life altogether.

 I wanted to speak out against abortion.  It is obvious to me that life is not a choice, it's a gift from God.  What we do with that gift is up to us.  To love or not to love; that's really the only choice we have to make.

All proceeds from the sale of the song, "Choose Love", will be going to support the pro-life movement. 
~ Nick Fulopp

Click on the ultrasound picture below to go to where you can download "Choose Love".

Click the ultrasound picture to download 'Choose Love'

Please visit the Priests For Life website to find out how you can help the pro-life cause.

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